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This pack of 4 Max E Pro AAA Rechargeable Batteries have run-times of 8+ hours in most wireless mics. Compatible with most Ansmann chargers. Yields up to 2100 recycles! Slimline design. Retains 85% of charge 3 years later.

This new low-discharge / high-recycle pro-grade battery is sure to be a winner for avid users of wireless mics, IEM’s and other pro-audio applications. Achieves run-times in excess of 8 hours in wireless mics and IEM’s and yields up to 2100 recycles! Slimline design.

Very low self-discharge! Optimal solution for demanding users: The batteries have a high capacity, and still a very low self-discharge. The self-discharge is 10 times lower than in regular NiMH batteries. After a year, there is still around 80% of the initial capacity left. This was made possible by a special separator which dramatically reduces unwanted internal current flow. 2100 cycles.

Product highlights:

  • Run-times of 8+ hours in wireless mics
  • Use with the Fischer Amp 8 Piece Battery Charger
  • Supports all size wireless packs
  • 800 mah capacity Low discharge
  • Retains 85% of charge 3 years later
  • Up to 2100 recycles
  • Compatible with all Ansmann chargers
  • Conveniently packaged in 4 per plastic battery storage case